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Soulfire® Course Bundle

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You want to (re)discover your joy, passion, and purpose that sets you on fire. You want your life to be the walking embodiment of all of the inspirational quote cards you see online. You want to find your soul’s purpose and fan the flame so much that you never lose your soulfire® again. Soulfire® is all about (rediscovering) your soul’s purpose so that you can find it, live it, be it, do it, feel it, become it every single day - in every single way. Let me share with you new ways, new inspiration, and simple new actions that you can take to live your Soulfire®. With the Soulfire® Bundle, you receive 5 mini-course videos covering the following business issues: How To Find Peace By Living Your Passion Build Your Soulfire® Community How To Find Your Voice How To Have Limitless Drive How To Rediscover Your Passion




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