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  • Back in the 1970's the average professional made about 50,000 impressions a day. Today, the average professional on social media both personally and professionally makes over 50,000 impressions in ONE DAY.

  • The current attention span of the average Western society person is less than a goldfish. 

  • Our nonverbal instinct decides how we feel about a person/situation in UNDER ONE SECOND.

  • First impressions are virtually unmovable once created.

  • It is the subconscious hooks that the impressions you make leave that make you memorable. 

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3 Impressions® helps you hone all of the impressions you make (first, last, and lasting) to your personal and professional advantage. From your style to your nonverbal communication, you can use use all of your 50,000+ impressions to your intentional advantage. And being Certified in 3 Impressions® allows your work to be stronger and create more positive results for your business coaching and personal banding clients. 

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Impression management combines personal and business brand management into one.


Focusing less on the logistics of the strategy, impression management focuses on the relationships, emotions, feelings, and experiences that everyone is having around the brand or person. 


Impression management does deal with strategy and implementation like brand management, but because its focus is relationships, emotions, and experiences, the highest concern is making sure the impressions people have of the brand are working in the strategy's favor. 


A drastically underutilized field in the United States, impression management is the more feminine endgame approach to brand management.

"Your work has a lasting and evolutionary factor (aka the 3 Impressions® Method) always evoking a positive first, last, and lasting impression. So that no matter how, when, and where your audience meets your brand at you will always be making a positive impression."


Let's make the most out of every impression you make. 

Work That Works

Our methods work because we have worked with thousands of real-world people, just like you, over the last two decades. And with every client or event attendee, we have proven what works or have been able to tweak our methods for better results in the real world. 

No matter if we are talking about Soulfire®, NERI®, Intelligent Influence®, 3 Impressions®, or Neuro Human Branding® - simply put our work works.

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