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Being a sought-after resource, expert, person, or friend is what we all truly want. To be sought after means you are desired, wanted, respected, appreciated, and admired. It means you have influence.

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Influence The Intelligent Way

Personally, or professionally, being a sought-after and, in turn, an influential person has been an enigma to many. How to gain such an influential status is one that many people do not know how to do - let alone keep long term.


Our mission is to change all that. To remove the unknown and teach you the science, skills, and social understanding needed to make, keep and enjoy your much sought-after and influential relationships.


That’s INTELLIGENT INFLUENCE®. Owning this for yourself personally and professionally makes you an intelligent and influential CEO of your future.

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Image by Good Faces

We Believe

  • Building sought-after influential relationships are the perfect blend of art and science - the art of impressions and the science behind human nature. 

  • Good relationships and true influence don’t “just” happen.

  • Intention and giving a damn are crucial to having sought-after, influential relationships. 

  • Once aware of the Intelligent Influence® Principles, there is an organic flow, ease, and rhythm to all of your relationships. Influencing and attracting the people you truly desire in your life, both personally and professionally. 

  • It is a lot of fun - showing up as the person you have always wanted to be while experiencing the relationships you have always dreamed of.

Work That Works

Our methods work because we have worked with thousands of real-world people, just like you, over the last two decades. And with every client or event attendee, we have proven what works or have been able to tweak our methods for better results in the real world. 

No matter if we are talking about Soulfire®, NERI®, Intelligent Influence®, 3 Impressions®, or Neuro Human Branding® - simply put our work works.

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