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Work That Works.

Our methods work because we have worked with thousands of real-world people, just like you, over the last two decades. And with every client or event attendee, we have proven what works or have been able to tweak our methods for better results in the real world. No matter if we are talking about Soulfire®, Neuro Emotional Relationship Intelligence®, aka NERI®., Intelligent Influence®, 3 Impressions®, or Neuro Human Branding® - simply put our work works.

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Deep Dive Into The Methods + Systems To Help You And Your Audience Grow




Life is not meant to be boring and bland. It is meant to be filled with rich beauty, bold color, tons of laughter, and relationships that the fairy tales told us were only romantic possibilities. Lighting your passions on fire, fueling your inspiration, and recharging your heart in a fun entertaining way- that's our goal - that’s what life should be.


Neuro Emotional Relationship Intelligence®, aka NERI®.

NERI® is about understanding your true self so that you can break limiting patterns in a way that is in alignment with your true self while understanding others so you can create authentic, powerful, passionate, and fulfilling connections from the beginning with ANYONE.


Neuro Human Branding®

Neuro Human Branding® is about using our human nature - biology, psychology, social stores, and the subconscious mind - intentionally to build the relationships, connections, and experiences of your audience and you.


Intelligent Influence®

The science, skills, and social understanding needed to make keep and enjoy your much sought after and influential relationships.


3 Impressions®

Giving your work a lasting and evolutionary factor because you are always evoking a positive first, last, and lasting impression.

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