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ARE YOU SOULFIRE® FILLED? Stop. Sit. And think about your business, brand, and personal lives.

Now ask yourself....

❤ Do I get what I want?

❤ Am I always my full unedited self no matter when, no matter where, and no matter with who?

❤ Every day, do I experience dynamic, soul-stirring, passion-burning moments that I crave and never want to leave?


If you answered, "No."

Then you aren't fully living the life you were made for. (#truthbomb drop)

Image by Peter Thomas
Image by Finn
Image by Dane Wetton


Life is not meant to be boring and bland. It is meant to be filled with rich beauty, bold color, tons of laughter, and relationships that the fairy tales told us were only romantic possibilities.

From business, thru our brands, to our friends, family, and ourselves - we cover all topics related to creating deep, meaningful relationships.

Lighting your passions on fire, fueling your inspiration, and recharging your heart in a fun, entertaining way- that's our goal - that’s what life should be.

Image by Jaunt and Joy

Your SOULFIRE® STYLE is the unique combination that fully expresses who you are and what you are about from your style.

More than just fashion, your SOULFIRE® STYLE is about embodying your deepest beliefs and perspectives on the outside.

Making your clothes more than about fashion or necessity and transforming them into your calling card attracts the people, opportunities, experiences, and income you truly desire.

Your SOULFIRE® STYLE is as unique as you are. No two are exactly alike.



People need your brilliance. People need your heart. People need your laughter. People need your unedited self. No matter if we are talking about business, brand, or your personal life. This world needs you. Your business needs you. Your loved ones need you. You need you. And most importantly, we need the soulfire®, real you! Will you please stand up?

Work That Works

Our methods work because we have worked with thousands of real-world people, just like you, over the last two decades. And with every client or event attendee, we have proven what works or have been able to tweak our methods for better results in the real world. 

No matter if we are talking about Soulfire®, NERI®, Intelligent Influence®, 3 Impressions®, or Neuro Human Branding® - simply put our work works.

Image by Lena Mytchyk
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