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Influence + Impressions Personal Study

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Our lives are going a million miles an hour and all of the hard work be it for business or personal is making a mere blur for a moment, NOT lifelong, bottom line impact, earth shaking, memorable impacts. HERE IS HOW. Impression Management gives you the tools and space to understand the bigger conversation that is going on with regards to your personal and professional lives as well as all of the impressions you are currently (and have made) online and offline. This personal study course shows you how to be intentional with all of the 3 impressions® (fist, last, lasting) you make- allowing you to create stronger relationships, clarity around your true beliefs and desires all the while teaching you how to make this part of your life and not add additional stress to it. Three main tracks of study: Foundation, Practical, Top 10 Wants Master the art of the 3 impressions® so that you are always making a positive first, last, and lasting impression 18 Bite-Size Videos allowing you to get to the heart of the information without the fluff Practical steps to success on implementing impression management into your life Deep diving into the top 10 characteristics/ situations that we all want more of You have LIFETIME access to this course and any updates that become available. Real world advice and tools to optimize your life and impressions



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