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7 Figure Signals® Masterclass

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Have you ever walked into a room and wished you could simply own the room? You weren’t looking to be showy or pushy, but just exude total confidence, clarity, vision, and drive. Do you wish that “THE” sales conversation was more natural, fluid, and not “THE” talk in your mind? Are you tired of attracting people who simply don’t want to pay? Do you want all that you say, do, write, create, produce, and put out into the world to naturally vet your client base so that the ones that rise to the top are the ones that you want to work with on an energetic, personal, and financial level? Well, you can actually have all of this, the confidence, the right words, the authentic conversations, and the desirability. Yes, it is all possible. This 7 Figure Signals® course is designed as if you and I are having a personal one-on-one meeting. Throughout our 13 sessions, you and I will: Personally dive into creating the connection, clarity, and cashin’ in. Uncover the hidden stories and ticks that are messing your influence up. Begin to uplevel your actions, words, and reactions by using the 7 Figure Signals®. Go through situational trainings to help you envision yourself being, speaking, and acting with all your 7 Figure Signals® working in perfect organic harmony. Cover your body, mind, heart, energy, and intentions - some of the key tools you need to master and shift the energy of any room. Discover your NERI® nature and what that means for what you truly want out of life




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