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Intelligent Influence™ Bundle

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Being a sought-after resource, expert, person, or friend is what we all truly want. To be sought after means you are desired, wanted, respected, appreciated, and admired. It means you have influence. Personally or professionally, being a sought-after and in turn influential person has been an enigma to many. How to gain such an influential status is one that many people do not know how to do - let alone keep long term. Let’s take the enigma out of true influence, to remove the unknown, and teach you the science, skills, and social understanding needed to make, keep and enjoy your much sought after and influential relationships. With the Intelligent Influence™ Bundle, you receive 7 mini-course videos covering the following business issues: How To Be Memorable How To Own The Room The Basics Of 7 Figure Signals® What Do People Really Think of You Intelligent Influence® 101 Crisis Management For Your Personal Brand Crisis Management For Your Brand




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