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Intelligent Influence® CEO Masterclass

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Let’s Be Real. We Have All Been There. - Your mind goes completely blank on what to say in those most crucial moments. And it is only hours later when the “what you would have liked to have said and done” words and actions appear - Made the commitment to attend that event, but when the time comes you would do ANYTHING to not go - Sweaty palms, shaking knees, and bats in the stomach (because butterflies are way too gentle) - Completely freeze when you get on stage or stand to share your 30-second pitch - Bomb closing a deal simply because a lead catches you off guard - Get into your car after an event or meeting and beat yourself up mentally for not showing up as the professional expert you know you are This Intelligent Influence® CEO course is designed as if you and I are having a personal one-on-one meeting. Throughout our 8 sessions, you and I will: Uncover the subconscious triggers holding you back both personally and professionally. Master a variety of fast-acting tools to help you overcome every block you uncover. Learn how to communicate your ideas, thoughts, and heart-filled messages with power, influence, and intention. Understand the 5 levels of intention and influence and what that means to your life and your relationships. Strategically use every single impression you make to your brand’s, life, and legacy’s advantage Authentically build “instant” connections with anyone you meet, anytime and anywhere. Understand your innate triggers, biological triggers




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