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Relationships are a two-way street, by understanding your true self on a deeper level, it allows you to connect with all that you meet authentically. Creating relationships faster, connecting more profound, and minimizing conflicts, confusion, and those awkward moments of life.

Hi, I’m Ali Craig. For over 24 years, I have helped self-aware and relationship-driven people understand themselves so that they can better understand and relate to others. 


NERI® allows you to naturally lead on the right foot when meeting a new business contact. Instinctually know what relationship style, expectation, and organizational structure work for you and what is automatically expected by others.

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NERI® isn’t about judgment or limitations. NERI® is about understanding your true self so that you can break limiting patterns in a way that is in alignment with your true self while understanding others so you can create authentic, powerful, passionate, and fulfilling connections from the beginning with ANYONE.


Yes, no more weird “getting to know you” phase.

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NERi® allows you to understand who you truly are on profound and practical levels. Like giving you authentic insights into your:


  • Relationships

  • Priorities

  • Workflow

  • Success

  • Organizational perspective

  • Personal style

  • Mindset

  • Stress, problem-solving, and self-sabotage habits

And because life is about relationships, NERi® isn’t just about having a better relationship and life with yourself. It is about having dynamic relationships with others too. NERI® allows you to:

  • Know how to instinctively connect with anyone, anywhere in an authentic and honest manner for both of you

  • Understand the unspoken expectations and habits of the other party so that such innate traits don’t sabotage the relationship or project

  • Instantly know what matters to a person you have never met. Allowing you to curate your message (or sales pitch)in a way that speaks to that persons’ true desire first. 

  • Gain insights on your clients, co-workers, companion, and kiddos so that you create more engaging relationship moments (because you now know how to relate even in those most frustrating times authentically.)

Most importantly, we are going to have so much fun!


Understanding yourself, overcoming the sabotaging habits that you know are holding you back, creating better relationships, and using your nature to your life’s as well as work’s advantage - what is more fun than that?!?!


NOTHING!!! (at least we don’t think so.)


Best of all, Ali will be there to guide you every step of the way. Sharing with your insights into yourself and giving you the opportunity to choose differently.

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Specializing in up-leveling yourself and success, overcoming negative habits that are holding you back in an authentic manner, maximizing your nature to achieve more personally and professionally, and teaching you how to have the relationships you desire anytime, anywhere.


When you know, you aren’t living up to your full potential.

When old habits are holding you back. 

And you are tired of putting your proverbial “foot in your mouth”....


Having a personal understanding of NERI® is essential to your success - personally, professionally, and soulfully.


During your 6-month mentor sessions with Ali Craig - you can expect to experience:

  • Twelve one on one 45-minute sessions with Ali Craig, founder of the NERI® Method. Where together, you will deep dive into aspects of where you truly are that you have long forgotten

  • You will personally understand the depth of who you are and your innate tendencies regarding relationships, success, career, personal style, organization, mindset, habits, triggers, and of course, those self-sabotaging ways we all tend to have. 

  • Together with Ali, you will authentically optimize your life to accelerate what you truly desire on all levels personally and professionally in an authentic manner

  • You will gain a deeper understanding of your existing relationships and learn how to minimize disagreements or drama in a mutually beneficial and empowering manner

  • Understand how you naturally come across in various situations and learn how to use your natural NERI® nature to your advantage to change the innate to your advantage while still being in alignment with who you are.

  • Train your subconscious mind to authentically come across in any social situation that scares you the most - aka public speaking, sales presentation, having those challenging conversations with the ones you love. 

  • Learn how to take the “awkward” moments from any situation with anyone, anywhere. 

  • Best of all, you will have Ali “on retainer” for six months. Meaning any and all questions, she is available for. So yes, that freak out before going on stage, right before you walk into that blind date, or when you simply can’t fully step into who you know you are meant to be. 

  • Having Ali “on retainer” also means that Ali will be personally checking in on you bi-weekly, making sure you are optimizing your life and relationship (and not falling back into habits that are not serving you or where you are going.)

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